Conveyor Powered Roller with Multi Rib Hub,O Ring Hub, Timing Belt Hub, Roller Chain Hub optional. Tapered Drum Motor Driving

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Jiangsu, China
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Brushless Drum motor

DC 24V DMBL series is the new generation electric roller. It is developed as the times require industrial lower carbon, more energy saving, more environmental, and more intelligent. It use advanced high efficient Neodymium iron boron permanent magnet synchronous motor as power source. It greatly increases the flexibility of the conveyor design, as well as the external control of the link function. Make the small diameter electric roller has a new breakthrough. It is high efficient, high power, wide speed range and long life.

Quality characteristics:

1. Built high efficient neodymium iron boron permanent magnet synchronous motor inside.

High efficiency neodymium iron boron permanent magnet synchronous motor has higher conversion efficiency than general AC motor. Under the condition of the same loading, the electric energy can be saved by 32% compared with the general AC motor. In the case of no loading, the power savings up to 47%. Because using high efficient neodymium iron boron permanent magnet, it has higher torque, and the temperature rise of the motor is reduced. Under the condition of constant torque, step-less speed regulation range up to 80%.

2. Safe operating voltage

The operating voltage of the inside motor is 24V DC, there is no risk of electric shock. Due to the lower operation voltage, the electric rollers’ reliability is enhanced. For some special occasions, such as the need for washing or diving work, DMBL electric rollers are the best choice.

3. 24VDC step-less speed regulation intelligent driver

DMBL intelligent driver provides three ways control, that is, the control panel button, switching signal control and 0-10V analog signal control. It can be directly connected to the computer, bar code reader, infrared detection and other advanced control conveying occasions. Photoelectric digital tube can display the motor speed. Knob or 0-10V analog signal can adjust the speed to the required one.

4. Durable metal gear

The internal gear reduction device uses planetary gear structure, all of the gear are steel including gear ring. High hardness and high wear resistance to ensure the long life of the electric roller.

5. Regardless of continuous working, intermittent working, or even frequent stop, It can easily cope with.

Please tell me your size to me, we will offer you prices.

Products include:

Miniature electric rollers, motor rollers for rolling transmission

Small electric rollers for belt conveyer

DC motor rollers and gravity rollers for higher requirements

The diameter of the electric rollers are Φ48.6, Φ50, Φ57, Φ60, Φ76, Φ80, Φ113. Power 30W, 60W, 90W. Speed from 2.5m/min ~ 211m/min

Product Information

Name:drum motor / electric roller / driven pulley and idler rollers for rollerconveyor and belt conveyor

Part Number: DMBL60-B-30W-24V-900L-10M-J-Q

Roller diameter 60mm


Power: 30W

Voltage: 24V

Line Speed:10m/min

Shell material: galvanized steel rubberized

Wedge pulley hub

We accept OEM

All drum motorsfrom our factory will be checked and tested before packing and delivery.

Drum motor types
Company Brief

We are a leading factory in making roller conveyors, skate wheel conveyors, extended conveyors, belt conveyors, plastic modular belt conveyors, conveyor rollers, drum motors and parts for logistics equipments with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force. Because of our good quality, reasonable prices, quality packaging and stylish designs, our products are widely used in mining fields, food processing fields, modern warehouses, logistic center, airport and supermarket.

Our products are accepted by our customers and we are able to continuously develop economic and qualified products to meet all modern logistics needs.

Our Products are:

Belt conveyor


Groove belt conveyor, flat belt conveyor, climbing belt conveyor, turning belt conveyor, telescopic belt conveyor, inclined belt conveyor.


It works smoothly and no relative motion with articles to avoid damage when conveying. High efficiency, low noise, compact, easy to maintain, energy saving and cost saving.

Roller conveyor

1. Types: gravity roller conveyors, driving roller conveyors, electric roller conveyors, inclined conveyors and turning conveyors.

2. The standard diameters are Φ20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm,42mm, 50mm, 57mm, 60mm, 76mm, 89mm, 110mm, 130mm etc.

3. The diameter of the turning conveyors are 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm.

4. Frame of conveyor: carbon steel painted, stainless steel or Aluminum.

5. Transmission mode: sprockets, O type belt, synchronous belt etc.

6. Speed: variable or constant.

Conveyor roller

1. Types: gravity rollers, driven rollers, electric rollers, accumulating rollers and taper curve rollers.

2. The diameters are from Φ18mm to Φ89mm,

3. Material: carbonsteel,Aluminium,stainlesssteel,PVC etc

4. Application: convey light or middle units or heavy material like 1.5 ton pallets.

5. Assembling types: spring shaft, mortise, threaded, pin / hexagon / tube shaft.

6. Rubberized, PU lagged, galvanized, chromeplated.

Drum motors

Drum motors / Electric rollers for rolling conveyors,belt conveyers andfor higher requirements.

The diameter: Ø38,Ø50, Ø60, Ø76, Ø80, Ø113, Ø138, Ø165, Ø216.

The power: from 15 W to 1.1 Kw. The speed: 1~300m/min.We also can OEM the rollers by the requirements.

Flying wheel conveyors have been widely used in need of often moving, requirements for light weight occasion with cheap, durable, not easy to be damaged and exquisite appearance.

Our flying wheels have follwing types:

1. Stamping metal flying wheels;2. Cutting metal flying wheels;3. POM flying wheels;4. Rubberized flying wheels;5. PE, ABS, Nylon wheels.

Spiral conveyor

Chain spiral conveyor, net belt spiral cooling conveyor, roller spiral conveyor, single and double spiral conveyor.Double spiral conveyor has two parallel tracks, each of them is independently driven by a motor, which can work at different speed or in the opposite direction. It is more flexible.