Different Types Of Stainless Steel Taper Lock Bore Bushing Pulleys Wheel 22 Tooth Timing Belt Pulley

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Sichuan, China
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Timing, 6F
Cast Iron/Steel

Different Types Of Stainless Steel Taper Lock Bore Bushing Pulleys Wheel 22 Tooth Timing Belt Pulley

XL Timing Pulleys

1.Good resistant performance.

2.Small extending rate.

3.High strength

4.Durable uder oil,heat and zone.

5.Anti aging

6.Good anti-cracking performance.

7.Category:automotive timing belt, automotive synchronous belt, industrial synchronous belt.

Product PicturesTaper Bush Pulley:

Specification Timing Pulleys

1. Plain bore: MXL, XL, L, H; T2.5, T5, T10; AT5, AT10; HTD 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M.

2. Taper bore:XL, L, H, XH; HTD 5M, 8M,14M.

3. Material:Aluminium, Cast Iron, Steel.

4. Surface Treatment:Black, Phosphate, Zinc Plating, Hard anodized, Nitriding, Dichromate.

5. Teeth Number:from 9 to 216.

6. Equipment:Hobbing machine,Drilling machine,CNC machine,Milling machine,Gear shaper,Grinder etc..

7. Tolerance:As per customer’s requirement.

8. OEM & ODM:Welcomed.


Mainly used in the mining, metallurgical, cement, chemicals,construction, buiding materials,

electric power, telecommunictions, textiles, and transportation departments.

Such as:

1. conveyor:Belt conveyor,AFC conveyor, chain conveyor, screw conveyor.

2. Pum:Water pump, oil pump, slush pump, etc.

3. Fan: Draft fan, fanner, boil fan, etc.

4. Excator:bucket excavator bucket, wheel excavators .

5. Crane:Tower crane, gantry crande, bridge crane.

6. Others:Various elevators, coal plough, ball mill, crusher, recreation machine.

7. Blender equipment, centrifuger, washer, leather-making machine, machine for recreationpark mixer wire drawing machine.Extruder, dregs crusher of boiler.

8. Plastic feeder, rubber smelling machine, etc.

Main Products:P r


2. Forging,Casting,StamplingPart;

3. VBeltPulleyandTaperLockBush;Sprocket,IdlerandPlateWheel;SpurGear,BevelGear,Rack;

4. ShaftLockingDevice:couldbealternativeforRingfeder,Sati,Chiaravalli,Tollok,etc.;

5. ShaftCoupling:includingMiniaturecouplings,Curvedtoothcoupling,Chaincoupling,HRCcoupling, Normexcoupling,Typecoupling,GECoupling,torquelimiter,UniversalJoint;

6. ShaftCollars:includingSetscrewType,SingleSplitandDoubleSplits;

7. TimingBelt:includingRubberandPUtimingbeltsforindustrial;

8. OthercustomizedMachiningPartsaccordingtodrawings(OEM).

More Advantages:

1. Morecompetitiveprices,2. Shorterdeliverydate:35days.

3. WearetheprofessionalmanufacturerinthefieldofPowerTrans. Parts,speciallyforTimingPulleys.

4. Producestandardandnon-standard5. StrictQCManagement:ISO9001:2008,ourengineer,Mr.Wanghasspecializedintheprodcutionforover20 years.

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1. MOQ

A: Generally, 1 pc for standard parts; contact for nonstandard parts.

2.Delivery Time

A:In stock: within 5 working days. Out of stock: depends on your order quantity.

3. How To Select

A: part number or drawing, catalogue. If no, you can send us your sample, so we can make the drawing and sample accordingly.4: What is the Warranty for your products?

A:Normally our warranty is 1 year.

Ifanyquestionorinquiry, pleasecontactuswithouthesitate,wewilldoourbesttohelpyou.