htd timing belt pulley manufacturer

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Place of Origin:
Sichuan, China
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Reach Jiayuan
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We supply timing belt pulley in high quality and competitive price.

Product Discription

1.Straight-bore: MXL,XL,L,H,T2.5,T5,T10,AT5,AT10,HTD:3M,5M,8M,14M;

2.Taper-bore: L,H,XH,HTD:5M,8M,14M;

3.Timing pulley bar: MXL,XL,L,T2.5,T5,T10,AT5,AT10,HTD:3M,5M,8M;

4.Material: Aluminum alloy, Carton steel, Cast iron, Stainless steel;

5.Surface treament:Anodize,Black Oxide,Phosphate and Galvanization ;

6.Teeth Number from 9 to 216;


1.high power transimssion capacity;

2.high torque transmission capability; noise, high efficiency, low maintainance;

4.lowest radial load on it’s support;


1.Excellent quality;

2.Competitive price;

3. On-time shipment;

4.Good after-sales service;