Taper lock from Turkish Manufacturer

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Place of Origin:
Kayseri, Turkey
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Round Belt
Stainless Steel
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We are manufacturing power transmission compnents since 1960 , and decided to establish the company of GMCTECH with experience of years and knowledge as a new investmentOur people aimed to be leader owing to endeavouring R&D focused and qualified product workshops.

GMCTECH completed new investment faster and more powerful through bythe contiunously improving vision and uncompromised total quality policy.

Our company follow new trends of high technology andaccelerate additional investments in this context.GMCTECH has a satisfied customers in worlwide , and fast-growing company in power transmission compnents business with highly experienced technical staff ,efficent&qualified product range.

GMCETCH will supply more innovative products and offer better services than before in the near future. With the wide range of products GMCTECH, definitely will be proud of supply customers on regular basis.

Product of GMCTECH manufactured like as compass with the purpose of additional efficiency in our customer’s companies.Our company start working with care, knowledge and the lastest devolopments in power transmission business and serve the most qualified products with professional staff to valuable customers.

At the result GMCTECH will contiune to add value to Turksih Industry owing to all benefits of being modern power transmission compnents manufacturer.


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