Taper Bushes Sewing Machine Pulley

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Zhejiang, China
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L 100
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Taper Bushes Sewing Machine Pulley
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Taper Bushes Sewing Machine Pulley

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OBANG produces YB..series gear motors with international advanced level, including YBR series helical gear motors, YBF parallel shaft helical gear motors, YBK series helical bevel gear motors, YBS series helial worm gear motors, YBH series helical gear units, YBB series bevel helical gear units, YBT series bevel steering gears,WP series helical worm speed reducer, NMRV speed reducers and other small parts.

Items: Timing Pulley

Timing Pulley Numbers:
& L050,L075.L100,H100,H150,H200,H300,XH200,XH300,XH400
Standard Timing Pulleys Introduction:
&Material:ASTM G-3000 or or C1045 steel,For each batch ofcasting,inspection certificate including chemcial composition, tensile strength, hardness etc will be tested & issued; for each batch steel material, subsupplier will provide material certificate issued by steel plant.
&Machining:Precesion machining for pulley with stock bore, taper bore .
&Addition:With Flang, and Keystocks when Needed.
&Finish: Black oxide for steel Timing Pulleys,black phosphate for cast iron Timing Pulleys.
&Package: Cartons with sealed plastic bag.
Timing Pulleys:Made to Orders’ Prints and/or Samples
Made-to-order Timing Pulleys Introduction:
&Material:Aluminium,Alloy material etc.
&Finish:No surface treatment,oiled.
&Package: Cartons with sealed plastic bag.

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(1)Withexcellentquality(2)Reasonableprice(3)Promisetodeliveryontime(4)Largeoutputtorque(5)Safe,reliable,economicalanddurable(6)Stabletransmission,quietoperation(7)Highheat-radiatingefficiency,highcarryingability(8)Certificateofquality:ISO9001:2008(9)Everyproductmustbetestedbeforesending(10)Madeofhigh-qualityaluminumalloy,lightweightandnon-rusting(11)Largeoutputtorque.(12)Smoothrunningandlownoise.(13)Highradiatingefficiency.(14) Good-lookingappearance,durableservicelifeandsmallvolume.(15)SuitableforOmni bearinginstallation.

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